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3 Reasons Kids Struggle With Math And Our Ways To Help

We recently read a blog post titled “3 Reasons Kids Struggle With Math And How To Help.” We’re taking a stab at putting a “QWERTY spin” on the points raised. Point 1: Math Can Be Unforgiving When Students Do Not Seek Help Indeed, it can. A good deal of mathematics education requires that students master… Read more »

8 Strategies For Getting Instructions To Stick

Kids with ADHD have trouble focusing and sustaining attention, so while they may seem to understand the directions given in a moment, they don’t always seem to sink in. Often times, kids will hear the first direction and then become distracted therefore only completing a portion of what was asked of them. Check out these… Read more »

Multisensory Instruction Improves Learning

As varied are the students who make up classrooms across the country, so too are the ways they learn as well. Good teachers try to integrate many techniques into the way they teach curriculum. However, many subjects can pose challenges, and if the teacher is either inexperienced, or “set in his/her ways” the difficulty is… Read more »