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Tutoring for Students with LD or ADHD

Tutoring Areas Language Arts: Reading, Written Language, Spelling, Handwriting Math: Remedial or Enrichment – Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus Study Skills: Time Management, Motivation, Test Preparation, Homework Strategies, Note-Taking Content Areas: English, History, Chemistry, Physics Computer Skills: Keyboarding Not sure if Core Service Tutoring is right for your student? Check out our Co-Pilot… Read more »

Resources Fun

Over the years, we’ve heard some outrageously funny things issue forth from the mouths of our students – sometimes intentional and (even better), sometimes not. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Emma (17): “I have a Spanish test tomorrow and [as anyone who knows me knows] I don’t SPEAK Spanish!” Tyler… Read more »

Trusted Educational Affiliates

The Pratt Center Children and adolescents can face a range of difficult problems in their lives that might include sadness, anxiety, academic stress and family conflicts. They need to learn how to understand, control and share their emotions appropriately. They also may struggle to control their behavior and meet the expectations of their parents and… Read more »

Why Choose QWERTY Education Services

Why Choose QWERTY? Learn about QWERTY’s approach. We are far more than just a provider of tutoring services in academic content areas. See why families have been loving and choosing to work with us for over 30 years. Parent Testimonials “We first began using the resources of QWERTY Education Services over 15 years ago when… Read more »

Resources for Parents and Students

Parent Resources Local Education Services Admissions Academy (650) 463-5530 Parents Helping Parents Special Needs Support (408) 727-5775 Rekoon Learning Associates (650) 322-1707 Tech Potential Assistive Technology (408) 737-2092 Local Assessment Professionals Marybeth Fox, M.D. (650) 327-1735 Cynthia Medina, Ph.D. (650) 646-0049 Patty Mittelstadt, Ph.D. (650) 949-1236 The Pratt Center (650) 949-2997… Read more »

Learning Consulting

Consultation Examples Meeting with families to discuss learning styles Meeting with classroom teachers Attendance at parent-teacher conferences In-Service presentations to school staff or parent groups Not sure if Learning Consulting is right for your situation? Call (650) 326-8484 for a no-cost telephone consultation to discuss your education needs. What To Expect Communication with classroom teachers… Read more »