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Friends of QWERTY

Brad and Lauren Koenig Atherton, CA Michelle and Jonathan Russell Chicago, IL Candace Osborn Palo Alto, CA Paul Carter Redwood City, CA Jim and Lana Hess Menlo Park, CA Ken and Ka Kay Achacoso Alameda, CA Fred and Muffie Alvarez Atherton, CA

Handwriting / Keyboarding

What To Expect Engaging, game-based activities to practice acquired skills. Multisensory activities for printing and cursive to keep students engaged. Students are grouped with their same age peers and work and progress at their own pace Handwriting and Keyboarding will be integrated into each session; emphasis is determined by class need Individualized attention focusing on… Read more »

Executive Functions Coaching (PEG)

What To Expect Pre-screen interview Consultation meeting to review program Family interview School and/or home visit if necessary Assistive technology consultation if necessary Weekly coaching sessions Appropriate fading of coaching sessions as student improves Check-ins as often as needed via phone, text, or email (in addition to in-person sessions) Open communication, including pre- and post-screening… Read more »

Mathematics Education Thoughts – Part 1

This is the first in a series of pieces about math education designed to provoke a discussion. As tutors, we have formed an opinion about the thrust of the dominant paradigm of mathematics education in local schools. Time and time again we witness students whose capacity to “perform” in mathematics exceeds their actual learning. They… Read more »

6 Ways To Jumpstart Social Emotional Skills For Learning

We have previously written about Social-Emotional Learning skills, introducing them here, discussing their importance here, and suggesting ways to promote them here. Today we add to that discussion by suggesting 6 practical strategies to improve this critical battery of skills. Remember: Social Emotional Skills Matter There is a growing awareness of how social and emotional… Read more »

Why We Emphasize Written Language

QWERTY Education Services began as “QWERTY Writing Center.” From our inception, we recognized and prioritized the importance of written language in developing not only competent students, but in helping people to acquire a mechanism for affecting the world around them. Writing skills begin developing at quite a young age, so when a child takes a… Read more »