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[Strategy]: 7 Organizational Hacks For Your Grade Schooler

Organizational skills often times need to be directly taught and modeled for your child. Improving organizational skills will improve your child’s overall executive function skills. Here’s a quick guide to get you started: Break big projects into smaller steps Keep a family calendar Make daily checklists Picture the day Categorize, label and sort Recognize “wants”… Read more »

Fidgeting Part 2: It’s Good For You!

We’ve written before about how fidgeting, often viewed negatively, can actually be beneficial to the ADHD learner. Additional recent news articles report that fidgeting may be good for your health in general.  This is good news for those that fidget. Scientists believe it is a human’s way of dealing with the transition from the super-active… Read more »

[Strategy]: Helping Students With Memory Challenges

Last time, we discussed the role that memory plays in effective learning. We are following up with some tips that can help your child hone her memory and improve her performance at school. Create a study place.  It should be free of unintentional noise, interruptions, and tempting distractions, like the television, laptop, and cell phone. Cue… Read more »

How Memory Affects Learning

The following is excerpted from the ADDitude Magazine Website. Both memory and attention are essential for learning and for academic success. Here, we note the role that memory plays in learning. Many children with ADHD have trouble with working memory. This is the “mental chalkboard” onto which information is written so it’s available for use.… Read more »

[Student Organization Strategy]: Color Coding

A simple way to help your child with organizational issues become more organized is to use color. Adding color to your everyday routine can help kids keep track of their things at home and school.  Having good organizational skills contributes to students’ feelings that they are in control of their learning. “Color-coding can turn a… Read more »

Student Self-Advocacy: A Critical Part Of Tutoring

Every Student Is Different For some students, being able to speak up for oneself is very natural. For others, it can be one of the most challenging parts of the school experience especially in middle and high school where there are many teachers with which the student interacts. Parents and educators can help a student… Read more »