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Talking With Your Child About A Learning Difference

Scott, a fourth-grader, had been struggling with reading skills but otherwise was thriving at a small, independent school.  Based on the findings of a private educational evaluation, it was determined that Scott has a Specific Learning Disability and would likely benefit from  a different reading curriculum than the school normally provides.  The school recognized that their core reading program does… Read more »

Simulating A Learning Difference

Have you ever wondered what challenges a student with reading, math, writing, attention, and/or organization deficits experiences? Well, there are a several websites that provide that information. Most, however, share general information on how a learning disability would affect someone in academic settings. Others have personal stories shared by someone who encounters problems with writing,… Read more »

A “SMART” Way To Set Goals

We are just about a week into 2015, and with a new calendar year often come New Year’s Resolutions. Goal-setting is a habit for excellent students and can be a useful tool for motivation and confidence-building throughout the year, so we want to set you up for success.  A proven way to set goals and resolutions is… Read more »

ADHD And Final Exams? 10 Tips To Success

With the end of the semester upon us that means many students will be taking final exams, especially those in high school. Studying for finals is a lot like the “last kick” in a demanding swimming race. It’s the final effort that can make the difference between having an excellent performance and one that might… Read more »

A Better Way To View ADHD

A recent article entitled How ADHD is Radically Mistreated discusses research that “shows that children with ADHD are often extremely creative” and puts forth the premise that institutions, as they currently function, are failing these children. Twenty-two personality traits of creative people have been identified – 16 “positive”, and 6 “negative.” The positive traits include:… Read more »

Have You Heard Of “PhotoMath”? We’ll Bet Your Kids Have.

Given that we’ve written twice before about the careful and judicious use of calculators (see here and here), it should come as no surprise that we are going to again caution parents about the use of a new tool that fancies itself as a “far more useful calculator.” Enter “PhotoMath,” a new phone based app… Read more »