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Common Core And Math “Push-Down”

In the late Spring we wrote a blog piece about what we labeled as “Math Push-Down” that described the phenomenon of younger and younger students taking math classes for which they may not have either the maturity or a solid enough math background. A piece in the San Jose Mercury News describing some of the… Read more »

Helping ADHD Students With Writing

Many years ago, we attended a talk by a renowned specialist on Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. One significant take-away from his talk was that students with AD/HD experience challenges with getting their ideas out from their brain, through their arms, and onto the paper. One of us had witnessed this in her own… Read more »

Making The Most Of Tutoring Sessions – Part 2

Last time we discussed some ways to get the most out of investing in professional, individual, private education and how by paying attention to what you put into it can pay dividends in the short and/or long run. We now turn our attention to improving tutoring’s effectiveness through scheduling and communication so that it can… Read more »

Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays

A large portion of these, if not all of them, are the results of the Style Invitational contest from Week #310. This is a humor contest, which asked participants to come up with the bad analogies. Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two other Sides gently compressed by a… Read more »

Making The Most Of Tutoring Sessions – Part 1

Professional, individual, private education often equates with considerable investment of time and money. It is helpful to remember that this is in fact an investment, and not simply a use of time or financial expense. What you put into it will pay dividends in the short and/or long run. Certain steps can help you get the greatest benefit from… Read more »

Tips For Transitioning Back Into School

As the summer winds down, thoughts turn to preparing children for the upcoming beginning of the new school year. Transitions can be challenging, even difficult for some children; children with ADHD often have a particularly difficult time. Adapting to changes in schedules, getting up earlier, having to do homework, and having to remember all items… Read more »