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For Math Mastery, Allow Time For Struggle And Collaboration

A few posts ago, we pondered whether the trend in math we’ve observed with some of our students, i.e. taking more complicated classes at earlier and earlier ages – something we labeled “math push-down” – was a viable choice for most students in improving math mastery as they progress through school. Two pieces in this… Read more »

Spotlight Tutoring

Tutoring Areas Basic Reading Skills Reading Comprehension Spelling And Mechanics Writing Skills And Process Basic Math Not sure if Spotlight Service Tutoring is right for your student? Check out our Core Service or Co-Pilot Service, or call (650) 326-8484 for a no-cost telephone consultation to discuss your education goals. What to Expect 6 meetings with… Read more »

College Essay Writing Guidance

What To Expect Four one-on-one, 60 minute sessions, scheduled conveniently Specialists with years of experience helping students with individual learning styles prepare for college Individualized attention and a commitment to get to know every student to help bring the student’s personality out in the essays Students write and edit sample essays based on UC and… Read more »


Test Preparation Areas ISEE (Independent Schools Entrance Exam – All levels) SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test – All levels) HSPT (High School Placement Test) We are specialists that are skilled in preparing students with different learning styles. The successful outcome of the exam varies from student to student. Call (650) 326-8484 for a no-cost telephone… Read more »

Advocating For Your Child: Becoming The Squeaky Wheel

For some parents, being an advocate for your child in school for services and accommodations can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge. Often we defer to the teacher and school because we see them as the experts when it comes to knowing how to teach a child, and by extension, understand how a child learns.… Read more »

A Parent’s Role In Helping Children With Organization

Last time, the first article in this series described some of the underlying learning processes that contribute to weaker organization. This second one addresses how parents can best play an effective role in encouraging better organizational skills. It also suggests an overall philosophy in helping your child to get and stay organized. When we observe… Read more »