A Parent’s Role In Helping Children With Organization

Last time, the first article in this series described some of the underlying learning processes that contribute to weaker organization. This second one addresses how parents can best play an effective role in encouraging better organizational skills. It also suggests an overall philosophy in helping your child to get and stay organized. When we observe… Read more »

Understanding And Managing Organizational Challenges

“She’s so disorganized!” How often we as tutors hear parents bemoan problems resulting from their son or daughter’s alleged “disorganization.” It is not surprising, as this is a widespread problem -and one that is growing. When is the last time you heard someone say that life is getting “simpler?” Family, work, and social demands increase… Read more »

Is Math “Push-Down” Really The Answer?

In getting ready for the summer tutoring season, we once again have had several discussions with parents regarding preparation for math in the upcoming year. One of the things we have noticed over time is that there seems to be a trend locally to introduce students to sophisticated math concepts at an earlier and earlier… Read more »

Learning Specialists And The “Twice Gifted” Student

What does it feel like to be gifted, but have a learning disability?  Often, in a single word, it feels frustrating.  For many children and adults, a learning disability can occur in reading, writing, mathematics, speaking, or listening.  Having a learning disability means that the struggle with learning that an individual experiences is not due… Read more »

Emotional Intelligence: How To Promote Its Development

In our last two installments, QWERTY guest blogger, Dr. Barbara Fatum, has discussed the “what” and “why” of Social Emotional Learning.  Today she tells us how teachers and parents can help to promote development in this important area. Now that we’ve discussed what Emotional Intelligence is, and why Social Emotional Learning is important, we can… Read more »

Emotional Intelligence: Why Social Emotional Learning Is Important

QWERTY is excited to have Dr. Barbara Fatum join us on a consulting basis to help us both further our ability to perform educational tests and bring new diversity to our existing test offerings.  She continues as a guest blogger today as we continue a series on Social Emotional Intelligence and Learning. In our last… Read more »