Consultation Examples

  • Meeting with families to discuss learning styles
  • Meeting with classroom teachers
  • Attendance at parent-teacher conferences
  • In-Service presentations to school staff or parent groups

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What To Expect

  • Communication with classroom teachers is done upon request of the parent, student, or teacher.
  • As much as possible, students are expected and helped to be the central communicators.
  • Billing for a consultation is done on a case-by-case basis and may involve transportation time if out of the area normally served by QWERTY.

Consultation Benefits

  • Outlines variables that are contributing to school difficulties and suggest resources and possible solutions
  • Examines relevant factors with homework struggles and can lead to the development of strategies for remediation or accommodation
  • Helps a family set priorities and evaluate relevant factors when a family is considering a change in school placement
  • Can shed new light on prior testing or clarify questions that the evaluation may have raised
  • Expands mutual understanding of the student and can facilitate when a parent finds communication with the school challenging
  • Can address a wide variety of topics related to learning during In-Service presentations

Free Initial Consultation

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