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Children and adolescents can face a range of difficult problems in their lives that might include sadness, anxiety, academic stress and family conflicts. They need to learn how to understand, control and share their emotions appropriately. They also may struggle to control their behavior and meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.

Our licensed psychologists specialize in supportive therapy for children and adolescents to help them work through these issues and make better choices in their lives. A therapist can be a trusted mentor who helps children grow, mature and overcome obstacles. A therapist can provide emotional support in an honest, non-judgmental professional setting.

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Advocates for Athletes

Advocates for Athletes (A4A) is a local, hands-on consulting and coaching business created to help educate and guide student athletes and their families in their pursuit of a college scholarship and/or admission to a school of their choice because of their sport.

A4A is different in that we provide a one-on-one, personal approach. We develop a personalized game plan and coach student athletes on the best way to handle the planning and execution of finding the best academic, athletic and social fit. A4A will also help students understand all of the athletic, academic, and financial opportunities available.

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Blue Stars Admissions Consulting

Blue Stars Admissions Consulting provides college readiness mentoring and admissions assistance to college, university, art-school, and grad-school applicants. We are especially proud of our track record of admission to top-tier universities and art schools including Stanford, Columbia, Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Rhode Island School of Design.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Amy Morgenstern (affectionately known as Dr. M), Blue Stars delivers its service with distinctive energy and creativity. A former philosophy professor with an active writing and art practice, Dr. M guides her team in a high-performance, life-coaching style of counseling that leads to profound personal growth.

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