Our Guiding Principle

We are committed to building supportive, individual relationships that provide instruction, strategies, understanding, and guidance to students ranging from those who are struggling with school to those who are thriving.

We custom tailor our work to student individual strengths and needs. Our collaborative staff includes a variety of professional tutors as well as specialists from the fields of learning disabilities and educational psychology. Most importantly, we are educators who understand how to teach students, viewing each as an individual and equipping them to be confident learners.

Our Process

Simple subject mastery is only a starting point; our students are taught to evaluate and overcome or compensate for learning challenges. We carefully match each student with a tutor, learning specialist or other specialist for the best fit, so we consider student learning style, specialist teaching style, and even personality.

Once we determine an individual’s learning profile, we develop a plan, monitor progress, and update the plan as needed. Our staff has the flexibility and broad skills to overcome immediate impediments to educational progress, while developing and fine-tuning longer-term strategies for success. We work collaboratively, benefiting from our staff’s wide range of experiences.

How We Began

QWERTY began informally in 1976 as an independent tutoring and education consulting firm, with services offered by Learning Specialist, Mark Carey, M.A. Mark’s early recognition of the role that computer technology could play in the lives of struggling students led him to establish a private learning center, which he named for the computer keyboard. QWERTY Writing Center opened in 1986 with the goal of providing a broad range of education consulting services.

In 1998, Michael P. Perez, M.S. joined QWERTY in providing tutoring services in the areas of high school science and mathematics, writing, study skills and organization. Michael’s previous tutoring work during both his undergraduate and graduate school experiences and as an SAT math teacher, his formal education in engineering and psychology, and his passion for teaching allowed QWERTY to offer instruction in broader subject areas and to an increasingly diverse student population. QWERTY Writing Center became QWERTY Education Services in 2001 with this cooperative partnership.

In 2009, Mark turned his focus exclusively to the development of Kaulele Education Services, his private practice on Kauai, and Michael assumed leadership of QWERTY with a strong new team of outstanding learning specialists, educators and psychologists supporting the growing demand for professional education services.

QWERTY continues to provide a menu of premier tutoring and educational testing services to Peninsula families including: one-on-one academic tutoring for school support and remedial or enrichment skills and formal diagnostic evaluation of students’ aptitude and achievement by educational psychologists and learning specialists.  When appropriate, we also work in conjunction with teachers, schools, and other education and student health professionals in the Silicon Valley in the areas of educational program design.