Tutoring Areas

  • Basic Reading Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling And Mechanics
  • Writing Skills And Process
  • Basic Math

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What to Expect

  • 6 meetings with one of our specialists, scheduled in advance
  • A written summary report outlining tips and recommendations will be provided. The report includes highlights of observations and exercises that a parent and student can use as they approach new coursework and yearly Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Does not include formal testing and does not serve to provide a diagnosis for a learning disability.

Spotlight Tutoring Benefits

  • Helps illuminate where a student stands and how he or she can best proceed in a focused skill area
  • Reveals discussion points for parents and teachers in yearly Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Can be arranged for one area or a series of areas customized to the individual at a savings over typical academic tutoring

Spotlight Tutoring Area Descriptions

Basic Reading Skills:

To become a fluent reader, a number of basic reading skills are necessary, including phonemic awareness, decoding skills, phonics knowledge, and word recognition.

A breakdown in any one of these skills can affect reading ability. This series looks at which of these skills may be impeding reading fluency and provides strategies for improving those skills. Activities may include vowel pattern sorts, word wall creation, reading simple stories, and phonics instruction.

Reading Comprehension:

Designed to assess and increase reading comprehension, we incorporate a variety of approaches to improving reading comprehension for students of all grade levels.

Activities may include reading passages, short stories, or books of student’s choice. Techniques employed may include building visualization skills, ways to expand vocabulary, annotations, understanding plot and character development, and summarizing.

Spelling And Mechanics:

We target low-level writing skills and determine areas of basic writing weakness. By evaluating patterns in spelling and mechanics errors, strategies and instruction will address specific weaknesses.

Techniques may include phonics instruction, implementation of a word wall, sight word practice, and explicit, systematic instruction and practice of the mechanics and rules of grammar.

Writing Skills And Process:

Writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays can sometimes be challenging. This series is designed to show students that writing is a process and that the process of writing can be simpler with a systematic method incorporating a variety of approaches to the writing process.

Techniques may include use of technology, graphic organizers, proofreading, and revision. This will be tailored for students of all ages.

Basic Math:

Designed for students from K to pre-algebra, this series will be custom-tailored for the individual student’s needs, to improve understanding of math operations and concepts with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and order of operations.

Activities may include use of manipulatives, practical or real-world applications, and games.

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