Why Choose QWERTY?

Learn about QWERTY’s approach. We are far more than just a provider of tutoring services in academic content areas. See why families have been loving and choosing to work with us for over 30 years.

Parent Testimonials

We first began using the resources of QWERTY Education Services over 15 years ago when our daughter was in fifth grade and was diagnosed with significant learning disabilities. Her tutor worked patiently and tirelessly to help her achieve our initial goal of grade level performance, particularly in the areas of math and language arts. She reached this quickly with supportive strategies that targeted how to best help her learn. With QWERTY’s help, she continued to improve and performed at the top of her classes in middle and high school. Throughout college our daughter occasionally stayed in contact with QWERTY and received the help she needed when she faced challenging learning issues. She always felt comfortable asking for assistance. Our daughter recently completed a Master’s Degree in Education and is happily employed as a Special Education Teacher in a profession she loves. Her remarkable success is largely owed to QWERTY…they have always been there for her, academically and as friends.

Lisa Mother of a college graduate

We discovered Michael/QWERTY when our son was in middle school – struggling to grasp algebra. With Michael’s weekly guidance, he reviewed his class work, practiced targeted skills, and took more ownership for his effort. The QWERTY support system continued the following year, and was so positive that our daughter signed up. Michael is an excellent skills tutor, but his special magic is his warmth and humor which brings out the best in kids. I’ll always be grateful for the relationships you developed with my children. More than even the academic support, you made them feel capable and respected, and you never neglected that sense of fun and warmth. There’s so much pressure on kids to know very specific things at very specific times, and so many other things are the real game changers in the long run. You provided a great support system without giving them a pass, and I’ll be your fan forever.

Beverly Mother of two college students

Our daughter had very low self confidence about her math abilities before seeing Betty Willdorff at QWERTY. Since starting her tutoring sessions, my daughter’s math abilities have gone up noticeably, and doing homework is no longer such a chore. She actually looks forward to her homework sessions with Betty!

Bob Father of 6th grader

QWERTY Education Services in Menlo Park provided academic support and instruction during a very transitional time for my daughter. They provide superior customized tutoring in all subjects through a positive and confidence building environment. I highly recommend QWERTY.

Jane Mother of 10th grader

We were referred to QWERTY by good friends with older children that had successfully worked with QWERTY through both middle school and high school.

Our goal for our seventh grade son was to have someone else assess his strengths and weaknesses, and then work with him to develop the strong study habits that would hold him in good stead through the rest of his schooling.

Michael and Shayla provided that assessment, and then worked with him as he developed the initial skills required. They continue to work with him to develop both study and life skills, and help him grow into an excellent student, and a good person.

Sheila Mother of 7th grader

With the help of QWERTY, my daughter’s performance in AP Stats soared — both in class and on the AP exam. It was very empowering for a kid who never thought she was good at math.

Debra Mother of a high-school senior

Michael was the right fit for tutoring my two high school children in math because he explained and taught the material well and interacted with them on a personal level. They enjoyed working with him and always looked forward to their sessions. I would definitely recommend QWERTY.

Carrie Mother of two college freshman

Qwerty provided professional and reliable tutoring in a friendly atmosphere. Our son benefited from the expertise of a knowledgeable tutor for three years of high school. Consistent work with an excellent role model was very helpful. The interaction was extremely positive.

Janice Mother of a college freshman

Michael is a great tutor and has tutored two of our children through Hillview and Menlo-Atherton High School. Because of his help, both students did well in their math classes and they now exhibit a confidence with math that had been missing before. Both children had very different personalities and learning styles/needs. QWERTY worked equally well with both – establishing a great rapport with each of them that met their specific needs. We were extremely pleased with the results. We highly recommend QWERTY.

Elizabeth Mother of a college freshman and high-school sophomore

What brand of tutor fairy dust did you sprinkle over our son? He emerged from the last session excited about ideas for the essay on Cyrano de Bergerac. He said you asked really good questions. And although he didn’t know if you had skillfully drawn the ideas out of him or had subtly planted your own, he was energized about expressing these ideas. Imagine my 15-year-old son excited about an English essay. God bless you!

Jane Mother of a 15 year-old

Student Testimonials

My experience at QWERTY was nothing short of wonderful. I really struggled in junior high and high school after being diagnosed with learning disabilities. As a result, specific subject matters such as Math and Science became extremely challenging for me to the point where I was getting low grades and not grasping concepts.

My schools were not able to provide the one-on-one support that I needed to be successful, and my teachers didn’t understand the impact my disabilities had on my learning.

That is when I found QWERTY and Michael. Michael was my tutor for five years, and he was able to help me in ways other programs and teachers could not. He initially met with me and my parents to understand my challenges and the areas in which I wanted to improve. He then designed and customized a learning program specific to my needs.

In a year, I went from almost failing in one subject to becoming an A student. Michael’s “thinking outside the box” approach really shed light on how I learned as an individual, and provided me with tools for success.

By the way, I graduated Simmons College in Boston with a double major in Spanish and Psych and now have a successful career at Yahoo!.

Michael is a gifted tutor and coach who not only helped to develop my academic and learning skills, but he also helped me grow as a person. And that is something truly special.

Lauren College graduate

QWERTY instructors always treated me with the greatest patience and respect. Whether it was Chemistry or Statistics, I always got a thorough rundown of both the broad concepts and the finite details of any subject… no matter how many times I needed to have it all re-explained! QWERTY gave me confidence to overcome my academic weaknesses, which kept me going through the toughest subjects.

Will College sophomore

Working with QWERTY allowed me to establish my own form of structure that catalyzed a growth in my academic experience. The individual attention and flexible teaching methods were benefits I couldn’t have received in a normal classroom. I thought QWERTY was a great complement to my high school curriculum.

Chris Professional musician

As a therapist, I have confidence when I refer to QWERTY Education Services. I find that the professional, experienced staff members take my initial questions seriously. These educators work with students and parents to understand educational difficulties and plan personalized, practical interventions. With help from the thoughtful QWERTY educators, children and teens optimize their learning and have new energy for growth in other parts of their lives.

Karen Local psychiatrist

My experience with QWERTY was very enjoyable; Michael was a great help during my freshman year as I struggled through my Honors Geometry class. He not only helped me learn the material, but also applied the key concepts to different aspects of everyday life – something that is sometimes not covered in the classroom. I loved how patient, kind, and adaptive Michael was to my way of learning. By the end of the school year, I not only grasped the material, but ended up receiving an A both semesters in the class!

Erika College freshman

Professional Testimonials

I have been a psychologist working with families for over twenty years, and I would highly recommend QWERTY Education Services. Today there are a number of options for parents selecting a professional to work with their child or teen. The feedback that I receive from the families who choose QWERTY is consistently positive. The QWERTY staff is highly knowledgeable and cares deeply about the students with whom they work. Many parents tell me that the QWERTY staff person has gone out of his/her way to meet the needs of the individual whether it is in designing an instruction or meeting a scheduling requirement. I would recommend QWERTY without reservation.

Anne Local psychologist