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Welcome to QWERTY Education Services’ Education Advice Page – a place where we like to share what we learn from our work with students from the world of tutoring, educational testing and other education focused topics. Our goal is to help students become confident, independent learners, so this is where we talk about things that we think further that mission. We invite you to join us here as we ponder new thoughts and insights, and – most importantly – as we share new things we learn from our students. We welcome your comments.

3 Reasons Kids Struggle With Math And Our Ways To Help


We recently read a blog post titled “3 Reasons Kids Struggle With Math And How To Help.” We’re taking a stab at putting a “QWERTY spin” on the points raised. Point 1: Math Can Be Unforgiving When Students Do Not Seek Help Indeed, it can. A good deal of mathematics education requires that students master… Read more »

8 Strategies For Getting Instructions To Stick

Step by Step Instructions

Kids with ADHD have trouble focusing and sustaining attention, so while they may seem to understand the directions given in a moment, they don’t always seem to sink in. Often times, kids will hear the first direction and then become distracted therefore only completing a portion of what was asked of them. Check out these… Read more »

Multisensory Instruction Improves Learning

Five senses brain

As varied are the students who make up classrooms across the country, so too are the ways they learn as well. Good teachers try to integrate many techniques into the way they teach curriculum. However, many subjects can pose challenges, and if the teacher is either inexperienced, or “set in his/her ways” the difficulty is… Read more »

3(+1) Challenges We’ve Seen (and Solutions!) In Personalized Learning

Learning Lab

A Change in the Teaching Model Educational pedagogy has seen a sizable shift toward attempting to personalize learning in the last few years. The emergence of libraries worth of online resources, coupled with the trend in “flipping” classrooms, has made it easier than ever for students to learn utilizing “personalized learning plans” (“PLPs” as one… Read more »

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Happens


We introduced the importance of social emotional learning skills in a previous blog piece, 6 Ways to Jump Start Social Emotional Skills for Learning.  This time, we’ll take a look at a specific program… There is a lot of chatter about schools implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their curricula. Recognizing that emotions don’t just happen behind the… Read more »

5 Myths Surrounding Executive Functions Deficits


As the use of the term and the frequency of the diagnosis of “Executive Functions Disorder” increases, it is important to sort through facts surrounding it. Myth # 1: Executive Function Issues Aren’t Real A parent with a child who suffers from the inability to plan or organize, or anyone themselves who is inflexible or unable… Read more »