Tutoring Areas

  • Language Arts: Reading, Written Language, Spelling, Handwriting
  • Math: Remedial or Enrichment – Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus
  • Study Skills: Time Management, Motivation, Test Preparation, Homework Strategies, Note-Taking
  • Content Areas: English, History, Chemistry, Physics
  • Computer Skills: Keyboarding

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What To Expect

  • Our Core Service Tutors meet individually with their students in our offices, typically for one hour sessions on a regularly scheduled basis during the school year and according to a mutually determined schedule during the summer.
  • We provide brief, written reports for each tutoring session.
  • Mid-year (February or March) meetings are scheduled to discuss progress and goals with parents.
  • Summer tutoring is available in a variety of forms, including individual tutoring and special-interest clubs.

Core Service Tutoring Benefits

  • Facilitates content area improvement
  • Develops confidence, organization, motivation, and study skills
  • Enables families to better understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Can serve as scaffolding that allows a student to climb to greater heights and take ownership and direct responsibility for his or her own education

Free Initial Consultation

To contact us in our Menlo Park office, please call (650) 326-8484 or use the contact form below to arrange a no-cost telephone consultation to discuss your questions, concerns and education goals.