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Understand Your Child’s Learning Profile

A scientific assessment opens the door to understanding and provides actionable insight that can lead to improved educational outcomes.


Scientifically Valid

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Costs A Fraction Of The Alternatives

Whether Your Child Is Struggling Or Thriving, The QWERTY Learning Profile Assessment Will Provide Useful Insights For You To Share With Your Child’s Teachers.


Your child's cognitive strengths and areas of challenge.


How to help your child with custom, targeted strategies.


Your child's confidence through self-knowledge and improved collaboration.


Truly Understand And Support Your Child's Learning Needs

The QWERTY Learning Profile Assessment is designed to illuminate strengths and challenge areas in your child’s thinking. When your child’s cognitive profile is revealed, your ability to help them to understand their own learning improves. This supports better collaboration between you, your child, and your child’s teachers.

Personalized Toolbox

Match Teaching to Learning

Unlock More of Your Child's Potential

Understanding Leads To Confidence And Confidence Leads To Success And Progress

Students that know their strengths, how to use them, and when to ask for help are the one’s that finding lasting success in both school and life. A QWERTY Learning Profile Assessment can help identify areas of giftedness and challenge and can set the foundation for the self-knowledge that is critical to success.

QWERTY is partnering with Mindprint Learning, creator of an online version of a cognitive test developed by neuroscientists at the Brain Behavior Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.


Mindprint’s online testing solution uses objective cognitive data to reveal how students learn best and provide personalized learning strategies for each student.

The QWERTY Learning Profile Assessment Measures Ten Skills To Reveal How Your Child Learns Best:




Executive Functions

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Every Student Can Benefit From A QWERTY Learning Profile Assessment


The MindPrint Assessment, coupled with QWERTY’s analysis  will provide you with a guide to the inner workings of your child’s brain.

MindPrint is the only online assessment tool that identifies how your child learns by measuring their top ten skills across the four domains of complex reasoning, executive functions, memory and processing speed.

These ten underlying skills function as a “seat” that drives learning. The four domains act as the legs of that seat. Knowing which legs need support and using the right tools to strengthen them puts you and your child in the education “driver’s seat”!

Through careful analysis, QWERTY’s Director of Education will provide personalized strategies by subject matter, approaches for improving homework efficiency, and recommendations to share with your child’s learning team.

You will also gain access to a toolkit of more than 500 research-based learning strategies to provide ongoing support for your child for an entire year.

Once your child understands how they learn, they will be on their way to becoming confident, capable and self-directed learners. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids?

You’re a savvy parent that observes your child’s learning on a daily basis. With data-informed insight into your child’s learning variability, you won’t be left guessing or using a frustrating trial-and-error approach in helping them.

We know that every child learns differently. Everything that we do at QWERTY is built on that simple acknowledgement and understanding. Now we can provide an affordable cognitive assessment that empowers your child with the precise strategies to help them unlock more of their potential.

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