Tutoring Areas

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Science: Middle School Science, High School Biology, Chemistry

Not sure if Co-Pilot Service Tutoring is right for your student? Check out our Core Service or Spotlight Service, or call (650) 326-8484 for a no-cost telephone consultation to discuss your education goals.

What To Expect

  • Our tutors meet individually with their students, typically for one-hour sessions at a mutually determined convenient location and time.
  • We provide brief, written reports for each tutoring session.
  • Co-Pilots can consult with our full-time professional educators when needed.

Co-Pilot Service Benefits

  • Can help a student efficiently assimilate material
  • Can allow him/her to more effectively manage demanding classes or schedules
  • Have easy access to our Learning Specialists and can work with them should tutoring needs evolve

Free Initial Consultation

To contact us in our Menlo Park office, please call (650) 326-8484 or use the contact form below to arrange a no-cost telephone consultation to discuss your questions, concerns and education goals.