Part • ner • ing

participating in an undertaking with another or others

We partner with students, families, teachers and other professionals to analyze the student's "throughput" or school/home requirements to identify challenges and...

E • quip • ping

supplying with the necessary items for a particular purpose

Equip the student with a suite of techniques and tools specifically chosen to address the points of challenge and teach the student to use them so that...

Gird • ing

to prepare for action, or muster up one's resources, strengthening

The student learns to apply the tools and habituate their use. We also address how to adapt the tools in the future and strengthen underlying processes.

What To Expect

  • Pre-screen interview
  • Consultation meeting to review program
  • Family interview
  • School and/or home visit if necessary
  • Assistive technology consultation if necessary
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Appropriate fading of coaching sessions as student improves
  • Check-ins as often as needed via phone, text, or email (in addition to in-person sessions)
  • Open communication, including pre- and post-screening measures.

PEG Program Benefits

  • Student and family gain understanding of personal EF strengths and challenges
  • Enhances communication between school, home and coach
  • Student learns toolbox of customized, working strategies
  • On-going, personalized support
  • Student learns how to advocate and adapt in future school settings

Free Initial Consultation

To contact us in our Menlo Park office, please call (650) 326-8484 or use the contact form below to arrange a no-cost telephone consultation to discuss your questions, concerns and education goals.