Core Service Tutoring

For students with specific learning or attention challenges and students whose needs are best served by an expert educator. Our Core Service Tutoring provides comprehensive education expertise to build underlying skills in addition to subject area competence.

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Spotlight Service Tutoring

For students and families looking for insight and how to best proceed in a focused skill area. Spotlight Tutoring is limited in scope and duration and provides informal evaluation for students and families desiring information about a student’s learning profile.

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Co-Pilot Service Tutoring

For students only requiring a subject area specialist that can provide help with a particular topic. Our Co-Pilot Service provides tutors for the student whose education needs are more narrowly focused, but are backed by QWERTY’s full time experts and experience.

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Determining which service is right for your student is made in consultation with our Center Director.

Tutoring offers direct support to the student in schoolwork and/or provides supplemental teaching to review or preview skills and content, helping each student more successfully complete assigned work and improve understanding.

Our tutoring services include:

  • Support in the management of the student’s schoolwork
  • Previews of subjects and topics that may be challenging
  • Direct instruction in specific subject areas
  • Enrichment work
  • Remedial work
  • Combinations of these approaches
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Free Initial Consultation

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