Parent Resources

Local Education Services

Admissions Academy
(650) 463-5530

Parents Helping Parents
Special Needs Support
(408) 727-5775

Tech Potential Assistive Technology
(408) 737-2092

Local Assessment Professionals

Marybeth Fox, M.D.
(650) 327-1735

Cynthia Medina, Ph.D.
(650) 646-0049

Patty Mittelstadt, Ph.D.
(650) 949-1236

The Pratt Center
(650) 949-2997

Related Local Professionals

Stephen H. Chou, Psy.D.
(650) 652-9174

Carol Wong, Ph.D.
650) 646-0055
Therapy, social skills groups


Great Schools

Parents’ Place Family Resource Center
(650) 688-3040

Challenge Success

Positive Discipline

Center for Developing Minds


The School Survival Guide for Kids with LD
By Rhoda Cummings and Gary Fisher

Becoming a Master Student
By Dave Ellis

The Explosive Child
By Ross W. Greene

Driven to Distraction
(also, Answers to Distraction
and Delivered from Distraction)
By Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

A Mind at a Time
By Mel Levine

The Survival Guide for College Students with ADD or LD
By Kathleen Nadeau

What Smart Students Know
By Adam Robinson

Overcoming Dyslexia
By Sally Shaywitz

By Dan Siegel

Reading and Literacy Resources
Tools, apps, and activities to improve literacy

Managing Your Child’s Media Access

Student Resources

Write Source
Kid-friendly reference books for writing

Khan Academy
Large, online video curriculum

Free Rice
Build vocabulary and feed the hungry

Study Stack
Flashcard builder

Flashcard builder

Animated explanations of many school topics

Math Fact Cafe
Elementary school fact sheet builder

AAA Math
K-8 interactive arithmetic lessons

Quiz Tree
Educational quizzes and games

A blog about getting and staying organized

Time Management
Excellent tips for managing your time

Study Guides and Strategies

Study guides and study strategies

Note Taking

Free Math Help
Text and video supplementary lessons in math

HS Tutorials
Animated math tutorials

Type And Spell
Spelling practice with sound

Greg Tang Math
Math skill sharpening games

Hands On Math
Hands on math activities for kids

Hands On Science
Hands on science resources for home and school

Physics learning activities

Reading And Writing
25 activities for reading and writing fun

How Airplanes Fly
Understanding flight dynamics

Identifying Trees
A basic guide to tree identification

Botany activities and lessons


Teenage Sleep Patterns

Managing Stress

QWERTY Articles