Bullying: What Can Parents Do?

Bullying can be a serious problem among school age children that results in serious emotional distress for the victim. Fortunately, this problem has received more attention recently, and many schools now have specific policies to deal with bullying. Just how common is bullying? According to a 2009 study by the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System… Read more »

Studying For Math Is Often Different

In our work with students, it is often surprising to learn that many of them do not know or understand that preparing for a math test can be different from preparing for a test in non-mathematical subjects. Unfortunately, many students approach the study of math with a rote mentality and assume that because they have… Read more »

Preventing The “Summer Slide”

As the school year winds down, summer break is on everyone's minds.   Most students and parents are thinking about upcoming vacations, time spent by the pool, and the logistics of not having school.  The last concern for students is whether they will lose some of the academic progress they made during the school year. The… Read more »

Help Your Student Manage Stress

All students encounter stress at some point in their academic careers. How the stress is handled can determine how successfully he/she copes when faced with subsequent stressful events. LD students tend to experience more stress, anxiety, and failure compared with their non-LD. There can be a cumulative impact from repeated stressful experiences that can lead… Read more »

Practice Like A Jazz Virtuoso

“Everyone has to practice, even the pros.” — Wynton Marsalis. Practicing is universal. Just as a professional musician needs to practice, an athlete needs to train, and a student needs to study.  Marsalis obviously knows something about practice.  This classical and jazz trumpet player has earned nine Grammy Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for Music,… Read more »

Reminder: One Goal, Many Paths

The students with whom we work are lucky to have parents who encourage them and make them aware of their future options, including the pursuit of higher education.  Still, having encountered third- and fourth-graders that talk about the importance of getting good grades so that they can go to a good college, leaves little doubt… Read more »