Help For The Reluctant Writer

Sorting through the avalanche of software that purports to help students can be overwhelming.   There are two award-winning literacy support products that have been around for a while and actually can help, particularly for students who have a hard time organizing their thoughts and transferring that organization to paper.  Inspiration combined with Read & Write… Read more »

Using Calculators

One of the most debated decisions that parents, educators and students have to make is just how much and how early a student should rely on the use of a calculator as a piece of educational technology.  Having worked with all sorts of math students through the years, we have observed many of the do’s… Read more »

Holiday Academic Skill-Builders

During the holidays, parents sometimes worry about how to keep their school-age children engaged in productive activities. With a little imagination, the holidays can offer many opportunities for growth and enrichment in academic skills that can be fun without seeming like school. Here are some academic skills activities that parents can use to help their… Read more »

Monitoring Your Own ADHD

Developing an awareness of the times that ADHD impacts your life can be an important first step in developing strategies to cope with it. Cynthia Hammer, MSW, writes in a Fall 2010 issue of ADDitude Magazine that writing about her ADHD has benefits for her on multiple levels.  She doesn’t write every thought she has about… Read more »

Structure Without Monotony

Countless parents have been told that a key to their child’s success is a more predictable and structured environment.  Research has shown this to be true for students with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and executive functions deficits.  In all honesty, everyone could benefit from a predictable and structured environment.  Does this, however, sentence… Read more »

YouTube To The Rescue

It’s no secret that students with LD have a much easier time with the assistance of a good  study resource; when they’re faced with reading assignments that present dense text, complex ideas, and/or unfamiliar vocabulary, students can just shut down, especially those with reading disabilities. Rather than enrich their lives, these assignments can make reading… Read more »