Making The Most Of Tutoring Sessions – Part 2

Last time we discussed some ways to get the most out of investing in professional, individual, private education and how by paying attention to what you put into it can pay dividends in the short and/or long run. We now turn our attention to improving tutoring’s effectiveness through scheduling and communication so that it can… Read more »

Making The Most Of Tutoring Sessions – Part 1

Professional, individual, private education often equates with considerable investment of time and money. It is helpful to remember that this is in fact an investment, and not simply a use of time or financial expense. What you put into it will pay dividends in the short and/or long run. Certain steps can help you get the greatest benefit from… Read more »

Tips For Transitioning Back Into School

As the summer winds down, thoughts turn to preparing children for the upcoming beginning of the new school year. Transitions can be challenging, even difficult for some children; children with ADHD often have a particularly difficult time. Adapting to changes in schedules, getting up earlier, having to do homework, and having to remember all items… Read more »

How To Help Your Child Be An Excellent Student

Excellent students do not get good grades: mediocre students do. Mediocre students show up to class, do (most of) their work, and simply “get” whatever grade they are given. Excellent students, on the other hand, set clear, realistic goals in advance and then they actively work to achieve them. Here’s how you can help your… Read more »

For Math Mastery, Allow Time For Struggle And Collaboration

A few posts ago, we pondered whether the trend in math we’ve observed with some of our students, i.e. taking more complicated classes at earlier and earlier ages – something we labeled “math push-down” – was a viable choice for most students in improving math mastery as they progress through school. Two pieces in this… Read more »

Advocating For Your Child: Becoming The Squeaky Wheel

For some parents, being an advocate for your child in school for services and accommodations can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge. Often we defer to the teacher and school because we see them as the experts when it comes to knowing how to teach a child, and by extension, understand how a child learns.… Read more »