Emotional Intelligence: A Brief Primer

QWERTY is excited to have Dr. Barbara Fatum join us on a consulting basis to help us both further our ability to perform educational tests and bring new diversity to our existing test offerings.  She guest blogs today as we begin a series on Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to the ability of an… Read more »

The LD Learner And A Multi-Sensory Approach

As we know, all students do not learn new information the exact same way.  Each learner is complex and unique; therefore structuring the teaching of new material can be a challenge for teachers to “get through” to every student in class.  Many classroom teachers don’t have the training, much less the resources available to provide… Read more »

Math Tips For Students With Attention and Focus Challenges – Part 2

Last week we posted some math tips for students that struggle with attention and focus issues.  This week we complete the series with part 2. Keep Formulas and Facts Handy – Handy, referenced-sized multiplication and division tables that will fit in a student’s pencil case or backpack pocket are a great help. Allow their use… Read more »

Math Tips For Students With Attention and Focus Challenges – Part 1

Students with ADHD often find the symbolic language of math very challenging and can easily "lose their places" in problems and assignments that require multiple steps to solve.  Today we'll offer a few tips that can ease some of that challenge and make math seem less daunting. Have Some Model Problems Worked Out and Use… Read more »

Executive Functions Revisited

In September 2013, we published a blog briefly detailing an overview of Executive Function.  Today, we’ll focus on Executive Function Disorder (EFD), which involves a pattern of chronic difficulties in executing daily tasks. It is believed that the inattentiveness present in those with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may in fact stem from deficiencies… Read more »

A Tipping Point For The ADHD Debate?

A student with a diagnosis of ADHD is something that we commonly encounter in our tutoring work.  As such, we try to keep informed about the latest developments in that area.  We’ve written about and referenced ADHD in several of our blog posts over the years.  This post will be a bit different than those… Read more »