The Value Of Learning Keyboarding

In our Menlo Park tutoring office, we’ve worked for years with students on developing keyboarding skills.  It’s a particularly powerful tool in helping reluctant writers and other struggling students to gain a foothold of confidence that can serve as a foundation to re-engaging with their academic development. Whether it is surfing, spelling, or just about… Read more »

Multi-Sensory Mathematics

Betty Willdorff reflects on her experiences to date with the multi-sensory math program, Making Math Real. A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to take two classes from Making Math Real® (MMR): Overview and 9 Lines ©.  Making Math Real is a program designed to teach math from basic arithmetic through algebra using… Read more »

Recent Science News About ADHD

In a blog post earlier this year we wrote about a then newly approved by the FDA diagnostic test for ADHD that uses EEG technology.  Recent related news stories announcing both an additional discovery using the aforementioned technology, and a completely new discovery utilizing MRI technology caught our attention, so we are passing that information… Read more »

ADHD Teen Drivers Present A Challenge

In working with families over the years in our Menlo Park office, the issue of when (or whether) to grant driving privileges to an ADHD teen has often come up.  Because of their distractibility of ADHD teens and because of the potential danger, parents of ADHD kids frequently have to take special care in considering… Read more »

Social Difficulties Often Accompany LD

Some children with learning disabilities can experience social difficulties.  Some studies note that nearly 75% of children with LD may have social skills deficits.  Being rejected by one’s peers on top of failures in school is a recipe for depression and low-self esteem.  As social interactions are so complex, it becomes difficult to pin down… Read more »

Talking To Teachers When There’s A Bad Progress Report

In our last post, we discussed ways to speak with your child in the event that his/her progress report is disappointing.  Sometimes, contact with your child’s teachers is warranted as part of an overall plan to ensure that your child is in the best position for success.  We’d like to share with you some tips… Read more »