Fidgeting Part 2: It’s Good For You!

We’ve written before about how fidgeting, often viewed negatively, can actually be beneficial to the ADHD learner. Additional recent news articles report that fidgeting may be good for your health in general.  This is good news for those that fidget. Scientists believe it is a human’s way of dealing with the transition from the super-active life – we were once hunters and gatherers – to today’s relatively sedentary lifestyles. However, fidgeting in the classroom is not always accepted, or tolerated, especially in the middle to upper grades. Fidgeting is a way for many children to handle their energy.

Fidget copy What is a fidget? Fidgets are mindless activities that you can do while working on a primary task. It is believed that engaging in an activity that uses a sense other than what’s required for your primary task can improve focus and better performance. This is especially true for children with ADHD. What might seem like a student not paying attention to the lesson at hand is really aiding in him/her to focus and concentrate.

Additional recent news articles report that fidgeting may be good for your health in general.

There are several activities that a student can incorporate to help attention.

  • Using an MP3 player helps children stay on task when reading, studying, or even going to sleep. It is important to select music that is appropriate to the task. Calming music aids with studying, reading, and falling asleep.
  • Doodling in a notebook while listening to a teacher’s talk can help a student to “tune-in”.
  • Another good fidget aid is chewing gum.  If your child has to concentrate for extended periods of time, as on a test, or homework, chewing gum can be just the thing.  Sucking on a hard candy is another option.
  • Getting up and walking around, doing an errand, taking a walk, among other physical activities helps a fidgety person manage his/her energy.

Fidgeting is a gift from our ancestors, and utilized well can be a good thing for our health, especially in learning endeavors. What are your favorite fidgets?

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