Parental Involvement: A Simple Motivator

As the school year progresses, the novelty of the new academic year has worn off, and routine has set in, a student’s motivation to continue to do well on his or her schoolwork may begin to wane.   Parents can play a key, proactive role in helping to keep a student interested in school and motivated to do well.

Most parents show interest in their child’s school day and ask about class work and homework.  Parents often will volunteer to help in the classroom, chaperone field trips, and get involved with school events.  They will look over class work that has been sent home, and review an evening’s homework with their child before it is turned in.  They try to be active listeners when their child reports about events and activities that occur in school.  They encourage their child to become involved with a club or sport at school.  If they have any questions about their child’s academic progress, they discuss those concerns with the teacher.

Additionally, when parents are involved with their child’s school, then the child is more likely to stay motivated and interested.  There are several ways that parents can help to keep their son or daughter motivated in order to complete the school year on a high note.  One great website which offers a comprehensive list is: What are some ways that you have become involved in your child’s school life?

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