What To Expect

  • Individualized attention that focuses on improving and complementing students’ strengths.
  • Small group classes of 3-5 students each.
  • Students will meet in a QWERTY classroom for 8 sixty-minute sessions.
  • Meet some new friends, play games, and have some fun!
    • Week 1: July 11th – 14th
    • Week 2: July 18th – 21st

Workshop Benefits

  • Can help students learn how to write effective topic sentences and conclusions, as well as teach them how to organize writing and develop note-taking skills
  • Students can learn to use transitions effectively and make compositions flow with sentence variety
  • Exposes students to new vocabulary words and helps them apply them
  • Teaches students how to add sensory descriptions and shows techniques to make writing sparkle while enhancing expression and clarity
  • Improves organization and gives students techniques to enhance creativity and voice

Free Initial Consultation

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