5 Myths Surrounding Executive Functions Deficits

As the use of the term and the frequency of the diagnosis of “Executive Functions Disorder” increases, it is important to sort through facts surrounding it.

Myth # 1: Executive Function Issues Aren’t Real

A parent with a child who suffers from the inability to plan or organize, or anyone themselves who is inflexible or unable to manage time knows this isn’t the case. While the experts have yet to determine an actual ‘cause’ for what keeps us unorganized, enough studies have shown a direct correlation with the structure of the brain and the level of chemicals that help with focus and attention. Executive Function issues are very real!

Myth # 2: Executive Functioning Issues Are The Same As ADHD

It is true that often kids with ADHD have executive function challenges. Kids diagnosed with inattentive type of ADHD are more likely to have trouble, however researchers are still exploring the connection between the two issues.

Myth # 3: Kids Outgrow Executive Function Issues

Executive skills can be improved as kids develop and strategies are implemented, but executive function issues are brain-based and therefore are not something kids outgrow.

Myth # 4: Schools Won’t Give Accommodations For Executive Function Issues

Even though executive function issues are not yet a specific diagnosis, teachers often have ideas for tools and strategies to use in the classroom. You may also consider requesting an educational evaluation that will help you better understand your child’s learning style.

Myth # 5: There’s Nothing You Can Do About Executive Function Issues

The fact is there are a number of things you can do to boost these skills. You can hire an executive function coach who will use specific strategies and programs to assist your child. You can experiment with tools at home like graphic organizers, schedules, planners, etc. There are also many memory-boosting and apps you can download to improve in these areas.

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