Talking to Your Student About Homework

The following letter was written to a seventh-grade boy from QWERTY after completing a comprehensive evaluation. Rick just began seventh grade in a new middle school and is frustrated by the increased homework load he is facing.  The point here is that helping your student realize that learning isn’t just about the facts or the grade can… Read more »

Teaching Your Student Time Management

Today’s students generally have a greater number of demands placed on their time than students of a generation ago, so learning to make good use of that time has become even more important to ensuring success in school.  Planning, prioritizing and scheduling is often something that schools don’t formally teach and expect that students will… Read more »

The Right Way To Take A Study Break

When studying for exams or powering through a research paper, everyone needs a break every so often.  What, however, is the best break for the buck?  In recent years, a poll of the most common study breaks would likely include YouTube, Facebook, email, twitter, and Netflix. More often than not, these activities quickly turn from… Read more »

Prepping For A Standardized Test? Follow These Basic Guidelines.

When planning to take a standardized exam, such as the SAT or ISEE, preparation is key.  Comprehensive test preparation for s student should at least include the following major components to maximize the likelihood of student success:  general test taking strategies, specific strategies for the particular exam, and a review of the content covered on… Read more »

Getting It Done – Homework Tips Series #4

The last part in our homework series involves effective use of a planner.  If your student has complied with/mastered the other suggestions we’ve mentioned, (s)he is ready to begin using a planner. Organizational skills are important to school performance. No one can afford to score a “0” on a paper, just because (s)he didn’t pay… Read more »

Getting It Done – Homework Tips Series #3

Assuming your student has mastered both knowing where to look for his posted assignments while at school, and how to effectively record them, we now turn our attention to ways to effectively transport his work from school, keep it organized at home, and transport it back to school. It’s no secret that for the disorganized… Read more »