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Learning And Attention Issues: Assistive Technology

Students with learning and attention challenges often find that using assistive technology helps them to focus and/or boost their learning. Assistive technology (AT) can be an easy and effective accommodation to aide students in working around their challenges. The Basics Assistive technology is any device, piece of equipment or system that helps students use their… Read more »

[Strategy]: Summer Reading

As we transition into summer, most students have to read books as a requirement for their next grade level.  Many students are happy to do this assignment, perhaps already having read the required and optional books listed.  However, there are many students who dread this task and view it as a burden.  These students may… Read more »

[Study Strategy]: Studying For A Math Final

We’ve written before on how studying for math exams is different than studying for other classes’ exams.  What about preparing for a cumulative math final exam?  Well, that’s different too, especially if preparing for the exam involves properly learning concepts that you may not have mastered the first time around.  Follow these steps to maximize… Read more »

Executive Functions: When The CEO Is Away

Executive functions are the daily skills we use to accomplish just about everything. They act like our “brain’s CEO” and help us: Plan Organize Make decisions Shift between situations or thoughts Control our emotions and impulsivity Learn from past mistakes Kids rely on their executive functions for everything from taking a shower to packing a… Read more »

What’s A “Graphic Organizer”?

Most of us use graphic organizers in our daily home lives.  We may not consider them as such, however.  When we use a calendar on a smart phone and/or tablet, or even one on a wall, we are using a visual organization device.  We also may use schedule or chore charts set up for family… Read more »

All About Educational Testing

When a student is struggling with some aspect of school, numerous professionals can bring understanding to the underlying problem and help devise constructive plans for improvement.  Among the first steps should be to speak directly with the student’s teachers to get a fuller awareness of what goes on at school.  If that does not produce… Read more »